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RCMP Employee Relations: An Outline

Dec 23

The RCMP culture uses Time, Money, and Stress, to punish, or remove members from the Force.


Once a member goes on sick leave because of stress there is often a combined effort to have the resolution to the issue and a return to work move as slowly as possible.  The thinking behind this process is simple.  They wanted you gone and you are gone. “Out of Sight;  Out of Mind”


The RCMP does not  mind paying a member who is off duty sick for extended periods of time.  (Often for years.) It is only tax payer’s money, after all. They know that if you have engaged the services of a lawyer, that it is money that you usually can’t afford.  They will have their lawyers contact your lawyer so it will cost you more money.  They will hold mediations knowing that nothing will be resolved.  You will have to pay your lawyer for his/her time.  You are gone and you are now in debt or broke.


They know that the longer  you are off work,  the less likely that you will return to work.  Frequently health services will put pressure on the member to return to work.  The member sometimes returns to work prematurely.  When the member fails to perform the duties assigned properly, it is now considered a performance problem rather than a medical problem.  The healing does not begin until the issue that put the member on sick leave is resolved. The member, is gone, broke, and sick.

Missioned accomplished, and let this be a warning to all other RCMP members who are, or dare to be, different.

Calvin Lawrence

One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Thank you so much Calvin for your insightful articles. They have truly helped me through the difficult times and provided me guidance. No one really understands unless they have gone through the rollercoaster ride themselves. So thank you again for writing from your heart.



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