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Response to “Does Anyone Have The Courage?”

Dec 07

I do not know about a lack of courage. I think there is a lack of conviction among Paulson and the senior staff. I think there is a lack of political will to drive it forward. I think there is clearly a limited understanding of all issues that exist within the Force.

Showing concern for the problem can be spun to the masses that there is interest in solving the problem. This has been played out by both Bob and Vic.

Legislating change can be seen as being proactive at solving the problems; but to those in the line of fire the changes are seemingly a retributive measure borne on the oppressed rather than on the oppressors.

We can pass ominbus bills that are carefully crafted to achieve partisan goals and objectives. But when it comes to drafting documents that will overhaul an organization in desperate need of change, it is seemingly thought to be better seen as ‘trying to do something’ than to just move forward and do something.

If we were to give a clinical diagnosis to the Force, I’d say we could make a case for ADHD. If not of the Force, then surely of the senior exec and their political masters. Comorbids of ODD or conduct disorder may apply in turn.

But, as in the diagnosis of the conditions, there needs to be a full-picture analysis of the symptoms before actual diagnosis and treatment can be made. So, let’s look at this from an overall perspective: – Leadership vacuum (currently there is management of the Force, but little leadership shown by the Div/ HQs levels of the Force). – Lack of full perspective of the issues and challenges facing the Force now and in the decade(s) to come – Widespread “operational silo” syndrome – Gender-based discrimination issues – Racially-based discrimination issues – Overt and covert workplace harassment/ mobbing – Labour relations issues – Lack of proper process and will to deal with bad apples.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. However, many of these issues are neglected by the “doctors” who are attempting to save the patient… Management is trying to ‘deal’ with problems. Leaders would seek solutions from a variety of sources and employ strategies to resolve the myriad issues. There would be benchmarks to achieve and constant monitoring of progress.

Doubt I will see this happen in my lifetime…

Jamie Hanlon


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