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“I Have a Dream”

Nov 27

Actually, it’s a recurring dream that has been haunting me since the time of Mr. Paulson’s arrival.  Bear with me while I relate it to you.  In the dream the National Police Service of a once widely respected country, finds itself in a horrible state of affairs.  Due to a series of rather grave mis-steps including charges of perjury, applications of excessive force,  cover-ups of shameful sexual behaviour, and a litany of harassment allegations, it found itself in need of a new Commissioner.   Following a search throughout the land the old curmudgeon gets ushered out the back door and a new, bald-pated one is welcomed in the front.  Now many of the little (elf-like) people  who serve at the Commissioner’s Castle and much of the peasantry throughout the country get very excited.  They seem altogether impressed with the new Commissioner’s “military record” and history as an investigative gendarme.  Well, unfortunately, this never lasts long in the dream as the new Commissioner shows a tendency toward more talk than action.  (He kind of gets carried away with his own “gritty” persona).   This state of affairs seems to displease the Emperor of the land and his Minister of Scary Talking.  The Minister then pens a letter to the new Commissioner that pretty much puts him on notice; inferring, that if he doesn’t do a bunch of stuff (e.g. get more fair damsels into the gendarmerie, stop them from complaining etc.) within a certain (ridiculously short) timeline – then his head would be lopped off!

Well wouldn’t you know it, try as he might the Commissioner (who seemed out of his depth from the start) just couldn’t please his government masters.  Hey Presto!  Off comes his head.  It is at this point where I am always about to wake up in shock, when I notice that the search for a new sucker – sorry, I mean Commissioner – is under way.  All the little elf-like creatures from not only the Commissioner’s Castle but also from the Emperor’s Palace (on “the hill”) seemed to have found someone special as a replacement.  This is another point in the dream where I get restless. I toss and I turn as I try to see past the throng of little people that had gathered.  They all seem so excited, they all want to get closer.  From the centre of their throng a radiant glow lights up the countryside.  I always get the feeling that what I am witnessing is a once (or twice) in a life time event.  Then the crowd slowly parts, and there she is; her blonde hair pulled back in a very matronly bun, her blue eyes staring coldly out of angular features, and on her reddish lips a kind of uneasy smile.  Can it be?  The new Commissioner is a female?  Where have I seen her before?  Is she not that rising star, overseer of all that is “special”, from the far off western province?

At this point in the dream I begin to be aware of the chatter among the little people.   I hear them scheming about the “cosmetics” of a female Commissioner in these troubled times.  They wonder aloud about her qualifications.   Will she be “attentive to maintaining good working relations with the Minister’s office”?  Will she recognize that while there are legal and administrative aspects to their relationship, it is also one that is “very personal and professional”?  Will she accept that she doesn’t have the autonomy to fashion and\or implement her own vision?  Will she understand that the government of the day is entitled to insert its proboscis into her business anytime it wishes?

Then I awake with a start and wonder, will they actually do it this time, or will this remain an ongoing rumour?



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