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Can You Believe This Guy?

Nov 23

So let me see, I have a lot to say about this ridiculous article Paulson did for Post Media News. You can clearly see that this man is just not thinking. He should say less and come out smarter as opposed to put his foot in his mouth and yet again display the pack mentality you have made previous mention of in your articles.

So here is just one man’s opinion: Firstly on the subject of women/promotion? This is always a heated topic and I really fail to see why. The promotion system is a very poor one as you know. When my father worked for Air Canada, promotions within his specialty were defined by making yourself palatable for the company ie: totally based on knowledge and experience. That combination made you what I just said. Simply put they did not promote on gender or on color or whatever… they promoted him on his abilities/knowledge and experience. I remember my dad (bless his soul) working shifts , coming home and finding a quiet place to study the new aircrafts coming in (volumes upon volumes of instructional guides). Then, he had to pass a license on that aircraft; and guess what, this made him

Now the force in my last 30 years, as you know, has undergone so many different attempts at making promotion a viable system that they have insulated their upper ranks and have made a system that basically fails at all levels. As you know experience and knowledge are far down the line. Its who writes the nicest story about him/her self and then someone less than competent makes a decision on your promo. You cannot be there to validate questions etc… what a farce. I will not dwell on this topic but suffice to say its inadequate/unfair/and very biased.

Getting back on track, women in the force have been pushed aside from the begining. The RCMP as you remember it when you joined  did not look fondly on having women join the boys clubs across Canada and did not approve 100 percent. Again if history should be told  and research conducted it was an image/political move not a functional move. The truth is that we needed a little compassion and understanding in a rapidly changing society. Crime was being committed against women who were too fearful to discuss it with us burly mounties so it would go un-investigated and swept under carpets.

So as we evolved with women in the force the resistance to them being promoted was clearly evident throughout my junior years but changed significantly about mid-stride. Again women spoke out about promo opportunities and the force quickly silenced them by randomly/recklessly promoting them into all ranks to quiet them.

As far as I am concerned both men and women promoted through the ranks were carefully picked by the R.C.M.P’s equivalent to the KKK. They would get their promotions but not without a price. The price was similar to making a deal with the devil… sell your soul (in this case ethics and we will promote you. So all these fine men/women did that for the pay and the status only to have the smallest voices while the string pullers continued on their merry way calming the crowds by showing women in ranks on T.V. or on the Internet in command positions.

You bored yet? You know all this anyway. Sorry to ramble but articles like Paulson’s make me kinda ill for the honest ones left in the organization.

Bottom line. Men/women black/white/yellow who cares. Simple questions… can you do the job? Do you have the training? Are you capable of making your own decisions hence do you have the experience and expertise to lead? Ask my good friend (now retired) [name removed].

She was a Cpl. in [detachment removed] in charge of the Drug Section. She always led by example and was a solid hard working dedicated member. She had an impecable reputation. She was an expert drug investigator (proven and accepted by the courts.) However, she, much like me and several others decided to speak out on occasion about very poor decisions. Guess what … yes you probably know. They essentially made her life so miserable that she was not even invited to plainclothes meetings where decisions were made about the very section she led.

So many stories so little time.

John Smith

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