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The RCMP: A Broken Organization

Nov 22

The RCMP is made of 2 parts.  The Front line and the Executive.  The constables and NCO’s are the front line and the “Commissioned Officers” the executive.  Promotion to executive management, except in the rarest of cases is only from within.

The Front line try to do their best  while increasing scandal  shows a culture of corruption.

The saddest part is that for career advancement, aspiring members must check their ethics, integrity, and morality at the door. Lying to the public is expected. The jettisoned virtues are seen by upper management as impediments that could unhinge the protected “image of the Force”.

Dr. Mike Webster agrees with David Brown’s assertion that “the RCMP is horribly broken”.  This was not just from the Dziekanski inquiry; the tentacles of brokenness fell into daylight during the inquiry.  Dr. Webster an inquiry witness had an opportunity to comment.

Dr. Webster has a few decades of experience with the RCMP. He has watched as RCMP policy was re-written to accommodate moral relativism and socialist expedience.   At the same time the RCMP like other Police forces in Canada is run literally by a liberal “Fraternal Old Boys Club”.  Members will corrupt internal investigations to avoid prosecuting a “brother” periodically “non brothers” are disciplined but only to placate public expectations.  Over time this corrupt practice has extended to protecting and obfuscating complaints about the larger organization because it could negatively impact Executive advancement – hurting a “brother”.  Managerial success in the RCMP for many years has depended upon and been interpreted as the ability to “Bury Scandal”. Operating the RCMP in this fashion for the past 50 years has resulted in a Bi-Polar RCMP; that sees only two types of people,  Friends of the RCMP or Police haters.  This is first taught to recruits in Depot.

The RCMP is as Dr. Webster first stated “Over extended”. The over extension is on the front line where work demands are unreasonable except in a few of the smallest and quietest police offices.

The mis-managed executive of the RCMP thinks 50% of their employees being in administration is a normal business model.  RCMP management practices are so out of step with true “best practices” that the RCMP believes their incestuous management paradigm makes them leaders in the world.   RCMP executive and managers provide themselves with an over abundance of support while the front line is perpetually told to make do with less in a “one size fits all” approach to addressing Municipal, Provincial, and Federal policing needs.   (Even the armed forces realized the “one size fits all” just does not work)

It is the front line that sees Internal burn out, PTSD, management victims, and internalized Human rights and criminal violations by mismanagement. The RCMP executive and it’s Commissioners downplay the reports.  They never see such things, certainly not in their executive suites… any  offending Commissioned officer is provided a lucrative exit package, and the problems are covered with payouts to any victims. The public never hears of these financial settlements because they are protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Commissioner Paulson represents the metastasizing cancer of the old boy network. He claims that a re-written RCMP Act leading to more powerful management policy will be “the medicine the RCMP needs”.   This is like putting a tumor in charge of creating a vaccination to kill itself. The vaccine will only conceal any indicators of the continued malignancy.

The RCMP has never been properly audited by the Auditor General. Instead the RCMP is allowed/relied upon to provide it’s own internal audits?  This is like a patient who tells the Doctor all is fine …and the Physician makes no examination to validate the report.   Dr. Webster is right that the RCMP needs to be broken up into smaller portions that can audited and more effectively do their jobs for the benefit of Canadians including the front line members of the RCMP.

As for Depot and RCMP training – Canadians need to be shown that when it comes to law enforcement – The RCMP has become the tail wagging the dog.  Perhaps the current government can be motivated to  change that; as it was the Liberals who allowed that to happen.


One Comment
  1. anon permalink

    So much truth to this article, the secretive underbelly of the once vaunted Force which now reels under the ever growing weight of its many years of corruption, deceipt and failure to follow policy thereby dangling good members. The LMD leadership needs to see the writing on the wall and prepare for the expose that will be coming.

    Remember throwing the same solutions at a repeated problem meets the clinical definition of insanity, which is a Force status quo.

    Reaching new members and showing them the truth 24/7 to join up to the MPPAC and reach for the only viable member representation to protect all aspects of our careers, pay, equipment and compensation.


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