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Out of the Cake: A response to the Commissioner

Nov 21

“I’ve got to say that sometimes these experts that pop out of cakes that make these broad declarations about what’s best for policing don’t stand the test of a challenge”.
Bob Paulson –  Post Media News, November 20, 2012

Mr. Paulson,
I’m sure you remember me.  I just couldn’t resist a response to your disappointing interview of 20/11/12 that you did while in Vancouver.  I won’t try to pass myself off as one of those experts you referred to that pop out of cakes, but I did complete basic police training at Depot, have been associated with the Force in operational, instructional, and clinical roles for 35 plus years, and most importantly, I listen carefully when your members speak to me.

I would like to see if I could “stand the test of a challenge”.  Let me begin by quoting David A. Brown, QC Chair of the Task Force on Governance and Cultural Change in the RCMP; you know, one of those “cake dwellers”.  In the Task Force’s report of June 2007 (not much has changed since then) Mr. Brown wrote:

“During our consultation and analysis, serious problems affecting the RCMP were brought to the attention of the Task Force.  Of these, the issues demanding the most urgent attention related to the impossible demands being placed on members and employees; demands that are compromising their health and safety…”

I think you were quoted as responding to critics comments that the Force was spread too thin, with a resounding “Nonsense”.  You weren’t sure “on what basis” the criticism was being made; you wanted to know, “Where are the cracks?  Where are the shortcomings?”  Let’s consult another cake dweller and see what she has to say about your naive position.  Now, what follows is from a noted professor from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.  Dr. Linda Duxbury wrote:

“The most current complete data on employee physical and mental health … indicates that for many regular and civilian members [of the RCMP] their job is making them sick.  The data indicates that compared to the Canadian public, employees of the RCMP report higher levels of job stress, overall stress, depressed mood, burnout, role over-load and work interfering with family”.

Are you beginning to see “the cracks”, can you identify “the shortcomings”?  Dr. Duxbury goes on to say that there is no reason to believe that the situation with respect to the key indicators of physical and mental health have improved since her original study.  Moreover, she believes that the recent stressors faced by the RCMP have made things worse.  She concludes by suggesting that as it is not the habit of the RCMP to address those issues (e.g. tasks out of check with resources) that contribute to physical and mental health problems, there will likely be a further decline in employee health over time.

Are you beginning to see “the cracks”, can you identify “the shortcomings”?  Your rah-rah interview was insensitive in the extreme.  It indicated that you are entirely out of touch with your membership.  The RCMP would fold like an accordion if your dedicated membership didn’t donate inordinate amounts of voluntary overtime every month, to your various mandates…and it is making them sick!  I’m going to stop now but before I do I’m going to quote one more person.  After you put your foot in your mouth with Post Media News I was flooded with emails and telephone calls from members.  I chose this one for you as it is more powerful than any of the external forces for change that I have quoted.  Here is what one of your loyal members thought of your comments:

“Hey Mike, did you see Post Media News today?  They ran an article confirming that Paulson has no idea what is happening on the shop floor.  Are you f**king kidding me?  If I could have him for a 12-hour shift in [detachment deleted], I could convince him he’s living in la-la land.  I’ll show him cracks and shortcomings”.

Dr. Mike Webster, R. Psych.


From → Bob Paulson

  1. anonymous permalink

    He should have stayed in Ottawa. Maybe he should have asked permission from Mr. Toews or Harper if it was OK to speak to the media. Once again he put foot in mouth. He is truly out of touch.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    Mr. Paulson is really trying hard to become a politician. Only one huge problem, he knows nothing about politics.

    Poor Mr. Paulson, he has completely forgotten what his job is.

    And in case anyone has failed to notice, I love the way he absolutely discredits ex-R.C.M.P. Superintendent Robert Lunney. How funny is that. This man discredits a fellow officer whom he would at one time have regarded as a god now a demon.

    Go figure Mr. Paulson.

    It simply amazes me how he defends the force by saying : “To critics who say the force is spread too thin: “Nonsense”.

    Like Dr. Webster’s loyal member said, is he friken crazy or what?

    When was the last time Mr. Paulson actually sat down with members (beat cops) and asked them how they are doing? What they think about the lack of manpower the long hours the voluntary overtime because as he will never admit, but everyone who works knows, is that if you fail to volunteer time then you are not a member of the “team” and you can forget about promotions or in office transfers. Basically you are black balled.

    Oh yes Mr. Paulson social media gives us all a chance to let you know how deceitful and blind you are to the truth. ( I would strongly suggest wilfull blindness ).

    Most Police forces worldwide are working in pairs. I having spent years in the force can safely tell you that it is a lot less stressfull to have a partner covering you or assisting you while dealing with a difficult situation rather then trying to wait for your back up which is probably busy with a similar situation.

    Come on Mr. Paulson, be honest or have you forgoten the word. Let us help you by giving you a simple definition of honesty:

    Honesty is telling the truth.
    Honesty is straightforward conduct.
    Honesty is being sincere, truthful, trustworthy, honorable, fair, genuine, and loyal with integrity.

    Did that help? Can you meet these standards? You sure are ready to say them can you actually live by them for yourself, the members you apparently lead and most of all for every Canadian citizen that depends on them.

    Mr. Paulson, quit while you are ahead. The public, the members and the readers would suggest that you have popped out of way too many cakes yourself.

    John SMITH.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Would that be the same cake his honor guard came from at his wedding? Oops he said he did end up paying for their services. It appears that Mr. Paulson is very familiar with cakes. He is so out of touch he doesn’t have a clue what real police officers do on a daily basis. When is the last time he worked 12 hour night shifts? While working his plain clothes duties, I’m sure his concerns were overtime and to leave at a healthy time.

    How come our so called leaders forget where they have come from?! I make sure I always remember how I always wanted to be treated and respect my co workers AND I never lie to them.

    Mr. Paulson its too bad you prefer leaning towards the politics of the RCMP instead of the health of your members. Cake will not suffice to help us.

    Anonymous because I fear the repercussion of YOUR empire.

  4. John and Sally Six Pack permalink

    This is he who claims to be our leader. “Dark hearted Behaviour, Bad Apples, Experts popping out of cakes, The man is a walking cliche, has not done a thing except make an ass of himself and lose the frontline support of his members on continuing to be Vic Toews lap Dog & failure to do anything to address the bullying, mobbing and abuse of members by those sycophants who continue to operate unchecked. One year Report Card Grade D – Failure to meet standards and a U – for lack of effort and investment in your most valuable commodity, your front line members.

    John and Sally Six Pack

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