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We Will Remember: A Farewell to Adrian

Nov 14

For those of you who may be reading this in other parts of the world, on November 13, 2012 a young RCMP member, Adrian Oliver, lost his life on duty in a motor vehicle accident in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.  This incident has prompted many questions around how such a loss affects the rest of the organization.  I (Mike Webster) have received several calls from the media asking these types of questions.  I have bumbled through these interviews to the best of my ability as an outsider.  What follows are a few words delivered by one of Adrian’s co-workers to their “watch”.  They should answer all your questions:

“We will remember. We will not forget. We will be ok.

What to feel? How to feel? Why do we feel?  Ask yourself…why? Inside that question is an answer that Adrian can help with….that you his closest friends can answer. Inside this unfortunate event lay lessons that Adrian wants us to honour and bring forward as we move along with life.

We saw the car…it was catastrophic.  I firmly believe that God was close by and made sure in his plan that Adrian was not alone. (Name removed) was there within seconds holding Adrian’s hand…followed by you all here today in your own way. Adrian I know…felt it. He felt the embrace of the Force…of you…his beloved brothers and sisters and will feel that forever. 

By virtue of the inherent risks we take in life…by the work we passionately do on a dangerous field…comes both reward and sorrow. We will feel sorrow but that will be triumphed by reward. Reward yourselves that you had time to share with Adrian both on and off duty. Remember it. Feel it. Cry it.  Laugh.

Adrian had that mischievous grin….he loved to laugh…joke…and poke fun at others and himself. I hope they put his Ambercrombie/Fitch photo up at his celebration.

This was a most difficult paralyzing experience for us. Nobody can be prepared for it.

We must support one another and keep moving forward. Adrian expects that. And we won’t let him down. Please…have faith in fate…and let fate have faith in you.”



From → Adrian Oliver

  1. Jamieson Hanlon permalink

    Saw the news yesterday – such a tragic loss of life. Though I do not wear the uniform any longer, know that I share equally in your sorrow… and that my heart goes out to you, his brothers and sisters.

  2. Well said, my heart felt condolences go out to Adrians family. He will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Rolly Beaulieu


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