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RCMP’s Core Values/A gift from Heaven/FACT OR FICTION?

Oct 02

When I became a member of the RCMP (1978) there were no core values to refer to. While RCMP dysfunction was always present to some degree there seemed to be a self-policing guide built into most RCMP member’s mind set. In other words, most RCMP recruits had ethics when they applied for a job.  Now ethics have to be taught.

The origins of the core values are not known to me. It was as if they just fell from heaven. I agree with having a written set of core values that RCMP members must follow as it relates to the public and employees. No member of the RCMP can live up to the core values of the RCMP one hundred percent of the time. However, the RCMP members must try. It is important because the end result would be solid policing.

The disconnect comes with lack of basic enforcement of the core values. In our society there are the rules, and then there are the real rules. If the speed limit on a highway is 100 Km. per hour and a ticket is only given at 120 Km. per hour; then the real rule is 120. What would happen if the real rule was 200 Km. per hour? Disaster? If you tell your child that the rule is he/she must be in bed by 8 PM and the child does not go to bed until 9 PM; the real rule is 9 PM. What would happen if the real rule was 2 AM. Child problems?

What are the real rules of the conduct of the RCMP in relation to the core values? Are the rules close to the core values or not? The core values are taught at the Training Academy/Depot and then disregarded the day the cadet graduates. There are convictions of harassment by facilitators against Cadets at Depot. What happens to the core values?

I was approached by a member of staffing in Ottawa regarding my human rights complaint. We had heated conversations at which time I blurted out, “What about the core values?”. His response: “You’re not at Depot now!” This sums up the attitude of most RCMP members. The core values are for the recruits. After all, we have to tell them something to get them in the door. The core values are for the naive public. The core values are meaningless to the RCMP members. The RCMP members know this, and that is where the cynicism kicks in.

The man who swings the pick wants the stroke to mean something. The prospector who swings the pick has a different mind set than the prisoner that swings the pick. The core values mean nothing to most RCMP members. This is because there is a complete disregard for the core values from the top down. It is easy to recite the core values when there is no pressure to live up to them. The test is to live up to the core values under pressure. If you want to know an RCMP member’s true character as it relates to the core values, watch what they do under pressure. The “truth” is that the RCMP has solid core values as it relates to their employees and the public. But, what we now know is that “truth” has nothing to do with reality. It has become fiction.

Calvin Lawrence
28 Yr. RCMP
8Yr. Halifax City Police


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