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On With the Show, This is It

Sep 17

Dear Readers

Since Bob Paulson was appointed Commissioner of the RCMP he certainly appears to be well on his way to setting a record for the most gaffes in the Guinness Book of Records.  Shortly after being sworn in to office he publically stated that he would immediately dismiss RCMP members who committed outrageous acts of misconduct. To his chagrin however he soon discovered that something called the ‘presumption of innocence and the rule of law’ rendered his declaration ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing.’

Within weeks a virtual avalanche of sexual harassment allegations were lodged against the RCMP.  To fix the problem, the Commissioner announced that the Force was going on a recruitment drive to hire more female officers.  Exactly how this was going to solve the harassment problem was never made clear but Paulson appointed Deputy Commissioner Line Carbonneau to spearhead the initiative.  The campaign turned out to be so successful that within months Carbonneau resigned from the RCMP leaving the force with one less female in its ranks.

Embracing the new ‘culture of respect ‘ in the RCMP, Bob Paulson soon found himself involved in an e-mail exchange with Staff Sgt Tim Chad of the RCMP in British Columbia.  Chad had written to the Commissioner indicating that there was a trust issue between management and its members.  Paulson’s response to Chad which was leaked to the media so deeply offended Cst Peter Kennedy, a thirty year member of the RCMP that he blasted Paulson in an e-mail saying his reply was “aggressive, insulting, arrogant, condescending and immature.”   The e-mails also caught the attention of an Ontario court judge who wrote to Paulson stating “They are not words I would have expected to read in correspondence coming from the Office of the Commissioner of the RCMP.”

With everything going so well in the RCMP, Bob Paulson then went on vacation and got married.  The problem of course is that after the ceremony Paulson and his wife had an honour guard of eight RCMP officers greet them as they exited the church.  It turned out that they were on duty courtesy of the taxpayers of Canada.  Despite all these gaffes, the Commissioner was at least correct about one thing in his e-mail to Staff Sgt Chad when he quipped “Wake up Man, this organization is at risk.”  Unless I am ‘living under a rock’ given Paulson’s performance to date truer words were never spoken.

Yours truly

Darryl T Davies
Professor of criminology and criminal justice
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Carleton University
613-520-2600 ext: 2605


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Darryl.


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