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Sick and Disillusioned

Sep 17

Dear readers,

I am a retired 28 year member of the Force and unfortunately, my exit from the outfit was not what I had envisioned. I left after becoming sick and disillusioned with an organization I had devoted over half my life to.

My worst two days in the outfit were not “operation duty” days but rather sitting in a House of Commons committee room watching two “leaders”, (one current and one former), of the RCMP testify in front of the Public Accounts Committee looking into the what was termed the “Pension Scandal.”

I watched with disbelieve as former Commissioner Zaccardelli testified before the committee that there was no such thing as a disciplinary transfer in the RCMP. Myself and several other RCMP members sitting in the room laughed out loud and were subsequently chastized by the Committee Chair for the lack of respect we were showing to the witness testifying. I could not believe what I was hearing! How could this man, the former head of the RCMP, be lying like he was?!

It got worse. The next day the same group of us were in the room when D/Comm. Barbara George testified. (Testifying was a bit of a stretch!) She avoided questions and gave such misleading and confusing answers that even a politician on the committee asked her to stop “stick handling” and provide an answer to the question she had been asked.

As a result of her testimony before the committee D/Comm. George was found in Contempt of Parliament and received no sanction other than that. She subsequently sued the Government of Canada and was rumoured to have received a million dollar settlement. Why?

How was all of this being allowed to take place? How did these people land on their feet and those of us trying to do the job in a “morally and ethically correct manner” get screwed just because we were openly talking to the public we serve through the media about what was going on in the outfit. It made no sense then and it makes no sense now.

Why are people that appear to be “morally and ethically” challenged reaching the very top ranks of the RCMP? How is this serving the interests of the public and the politicians that choose our leader?

My answer is that it doesn’t serve the public, at all. I do question why politicians seem to want to maintain the status quo though. How is a dysfunctional federal police agency serving their needs? I believe that is a very valid question that needs to be answered. The current tinkering that this Government, and previous Governments have undertaken before, have done nothing to change the deep rooted problems that exist in the Mounted Police. Bill C-42 will in no way help. It will only focus more power in the hands of one person and not make him any more accountable to those he “leads” or the general public the RCMP serves. I don’t get the feeling that Commissioner Paulson is a benevolant dictator.

Rob Creasser


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