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Leaders and Future Leaders (RCMP)

Sep 16

You don’t have to be brilliant to be a good leader.
But you do have to understand other people; how they feel, what makes them tick, and the best way to influence them.

There are a lot of brilliant people in this world who are and will remain, ineffective leaders.  Why?  Because they are so interested in themselves and their own accomplishments , they never get around to appreciating and understanding the feelings of other people who are sharing this world with them.

Sometimes, usually later in life, these talented, egocentric individuals suffer painful hardships. They understand often for the first time the kind of problems less talented or less fortunate people have suffered all their lives.  They suddenly discover a new  and important dimension: sensitivity to the feelings, emotions, and experiences of other people.

Effective leaders don’t wait for life to bring them to their knees before they appreciate the kind of problems others are facing.  Instead, they constantly try and put themselves in others’ shoes; try to imagine how they would feel in the same circumstances.  They are constantly aware of what makes others tick, and try to be helpful at the same time they ask others to help them.  (John Luther)

The RCMP as an organization has never changed with the times.  People think differently than they did back in the “so called” good old days.

Obedience to authority is necessary in the RCMP. However, the RCMP demands “blind obedience to authority”.  In fact, “blind obedience to authority” led to the Holocaust.

The RCMP cannot keep doing things the same and expect different results.

If you are walking down the street and someone jumps out and slaps you in the face; would you then slap yourself in the face?  How silly.  That would be taking part in your own abuse.

Using the above metaphor; why would members of the RCMP take part in their own abuse by so called leaders?  Why are they not doing something different?  Why do they suffer in isolation?  Why do they not associate and demand better?  Could it be a culture of fear?

Calvin Lawrence, RCMP (Retired)
RCMP (28 years)
Halifax (8 years)


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